Thursday, October 2, 2008


It’s been said that a man and a woman can say the exact same sentence, but mean two different things. Example: Both parties can stand before an open closet door and say, “I have nothing to wear.”

What the man really means is, “I have nothing clean to wear.”

What the woman really means is, “I have nothing new to wear.”

As I stand before my closet this morning, trying to decide what will fill the suitcase for my Canada adventure, I find myself saying, “ I have nothing to wear!”

In black and white reality, this is absurd. I could clothe my entire neighborhood with the clothes I own. Of course, many of them would be shoeless, because unlike most women, I don’t have a shoe addiction. But if they showed up wearing their own shoes and undergarments, we could have ourselves a real fashion show.

But dressing myself is not a black and white issue. It’s about colors and fabrics and style and comfort and how to make it all work together. I want to wear something that feels like me, expresses who I am, fits me, and compliments me. If something fits all four categories, you can wrap it up, bag it, and charge it, because you've just made yourself a sale! Cha-Ching!

So, as I’m looking through my closet, my first instinct is to go shopping because, “I have nothing to wear!” But as I engage in a little self-talk, the reasonable and practical side of me points out that nobody in the entire country of Canada has seen me in any of the clothes I consider “old“, so it’s all new to them! I could cross the border in my favorite jeans and t-shirt from last year and the Canadians would be totally clueless. And if I take another step towards reality, I would realize that nobody in Canada really cares what I’m wearing, just as long as I’ve got my passport.

This ridiculous dilemma plagues me every time I pack for a trip and every time I actually get where I’m going, I find that I don’t really care what I’m wearing. When I walked out of the airport in Rome last spring and breathed in that Italian air, I could have been wearing a toga and high tops and I would have been happy. I don’t need new clothes to go see my friends, Sarah and Torben – I’m going for the food, the friends, and the fun.

Still, Sarah did mention hiking and I don’t have true hiking attire, so I might have to do a little shopping today, because I can’t hike in the Canadian Rockies with simple sweats and running shoes – that’s just silly.



Claire said...

I love Fridays because that is the one day of the week I know exactly what I am going to wear - a black top and light khaki bootcut pants and black shoes - a total no brainer.

M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

It's amazing what you can "realize" just standing in your closet, isn't it?
Today I realized I didn't have any more pants hangers. As I looked through my pants, I also realized that I have plenty of pants hangers holding up a whole slew of pants that are now TOO BIG FOR ME! Yippee!! Off the hangers those babies went! Suddenly, getting rid of those "fat" pants made me feel better...and more chipper.
Sometimes when I feel like I have NOTHING to wear, I realize that I just need to reorganize my clothes in my head. You know how you get into a rut of wearing the same shirt with the same pants every time. Well, sometimes, its good to take a minute and switch things up. Like magic, you have a "new" outfit and it didn't cost you a penny. Of course, this process takes time and lots of re-hanging of clothes because of course, not everything you switch up is going to work out...but if you're lucky, you might end up with a winner.
Okay, Why the heck am I rambling on and on about clothes? Gee whiz...sorry! :o)

KC said...

I LOVE clothes, and shoes...and yet I find myself in this very same dellima often. I agree with MJ, sometimes just rearranging the closet and trying different things together that I don't normally wear, scores a new winning outfit. This is giving me a re-newed motivation to go clean out my closet and start swapping out the spring/summer with fall/winter clothes. :)