Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Game On!

Okay, this Spinning thing has gotten completely out of control. I don’t know if it’s the New Year’s Resolution rush still in full swing or memberships to the gym just naturally increasing, but the spinning classes are the hottest thing at my gym right now and it’s popularity is totally messing with my plans.

A reservation of sorts, is required at my gym to get a bike in the class. One must sign up at the front desk for a bike ahead of time to insure a seat. There have been a few times lately, when I’ve arrived thirty minutes before class on a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon and I’ve been shut out.

Getting a bike in Spinning class has become more like getting to the theatre an hour early to see a new release, or the mall on Black Friday at 4:30 in the morning to buy an Ipod (which I would never do), or waiting outside the call box for an hour to buy concert or Broadway tickets. These things I expect in life, but getting to the gym so prematurely for a spinning class is making my gym experience a little intense.

I have on occasion pulled into the parking lot, spotted someone I recognized from my class and immediately pegged them as a potential threat to my workout for the day. I’ve been known to speed walk – like the middle-aged women who waddle-walk fast down the street with their hips swaying from side to side and arms flailing wildly – and I’ve been known to pick it up to a cool jog, kind of like a warm up before the gym, but I have never gone to the extreme of making a mad dash for the door.

Today, I did what I will refer to as a warm-up sprint. It’s 5:37 in the morning – only eight minutes until the start of class – and I spot TWO potential threats emerging from the same car just two rows over. My paranoia set in and all I could think of was, “I did not get up this early to be shut out of class,” so I grabbed my stuff and did a mad dash for the entrance.

When I approached the front desk, there were only two spots left. I signed my name and breathed a sigh of relief. As a headed up to the Spinning Room, I started thinking about the two people who came in behind me. What if they were a couple who had got up early, planning to do a little spinning together? What if I wrecked their plans? What if I ruined their morning? I sort of felt bad.

As I got my bike adjusted for the ride ahead, I happened to spot the woman from the parking lot preparing her bike. The man she came with was nowhere to be found and I felt bad about that for a moment. But then as the class started I found myself thinking, “You know what? Maybe next time, he’ll know better and he too, will make a mad dash for the door, and then we’ll have ourselves a race!"

Game. On!


Teresa said...

Ha! I love it!!! I really thought you were going to say that you felt bad and gave him the bike but I was so glad you didn't!!!! LOL!!!

jenelle said...

You can have my spot ;)

Sheri said...

Anytime you girls want to ride off all that ice cream, I'll save you both a bike!

Jen said...

Oh Sheri...you never cease to crack me up! You know why? Because we truly CRACK UP at the things we can relate to and this is no exception! How many times have I pulled into the gym parking lot to see other girls from my class pulling in. I know there are only so many balls (I do ball classes) and even if there are enough...if you don't get there early, you're very likely to get stuck using either the deflated ball, the tiny my-butt-hardly-fits-on-it ball or the GINORMOUS ball that you can't even see past when you hold it out in front of you.
Changing subjects...I have never taken a spinning class and am actually kind of jealous that there is another HOT exercise/work out out there in the fitness world that I have not been introduced to. I wanna spin too!! Bummer because my gym just underwent a huge remodeling and they didn't add any spinning equipment...which means they must not be planning to anytime in the near future either. Grrrrr....
Cute post! I am SO NOT above sprinting ahead to claim a spot!

Miss Got Wings said...

The classes will die down soon. It is now March and many people have come off their initial NY Resolution kick.