Thursday, February 5, 2009

"It Doesn't Hurt A Bit"

"It doesn’t hurt a bit,” my patient, Maude said when she told me about the technique, called Threading, nearly two months ago. “It’s amazing! It takes four to five minutes, I don’t feel an ounce of pain, and my skin doesn’t react to it at all – it’s all natural and totally fabulous.”


I went the very next day to the mall and walked all the way to the very end, on the lowest level and found the little shop performing this technique called Threading. There was a lovely young woman of Indian descent waiting to greet me.

I assured the nice woman that I needed no explanation or instruction about this all natural, waxless, painless, hair-removing technique, as I jumped in the chair, leaned back to relax, and closed my eyes.

Within seconds, I felt the hairs being ripped violently from their follicles as a silent alarm went off inside my head, “Ooooh My Gooooooosh! What the hell kind of procedure is this?!” My right eye started producing tears at an alarming rate – you know the kind of tears that you can’t control. As freaked as I was, I also felt strong and resilient and knew I could handle this. But my eyes told a different story. They cried, “Ouuuuch! Make it stop!”

This concerned the nice lady, as she stepped back, apologized, and politely handed me a Kleenex. I explained to her that I was not really crying - my eyes just naturally reacted to the violent nature of the procedure. I wasn’t sure she understood me, so I just lied my head back again and waited for her to proceed.

When she finished, I sat up and took a look in the mirror. Not only was I pleasantly surprised by how great it looked, I was also really happy, because she spent so much time on my eyebrows that I was half surprised to see that they were still there.

Even though I found the technique biting and painful, I decided that this was officially going to be my new hair-removing technique. I was so enamored by the simplicity of using cotton thread, two hands, and one mouth to create such precision and perfection, that I reasoned that the pain was worth it.

Today, I headed back to the mall for more fun threading and secretly hoped that today’s experience would be less painful. It was the same lovely woman from last time and she actually remembered me, which either means she has a really good memory ( of her only crying client ), or very few people have yet to discover this wonderful, “painless” technique.

I’m sad to report that my one eye gave me up again today, as tears streamed down my right cheek. I think the first pass or two just shocks my system and my body feels the need to react to the perceived attack, because once she gets going, the tears stop. The pain was less this time, but I’m anxious and optimistic that I too, will get to the point that I’ll be singing the same song as Maude one day, “It doesn’t hurt a bit……..”


Steve Ballmer said...

I like your blog!
Keep it up!

Amy said...

What about flowing tears makes this worth it? At least waxing is over in a second. Ouch!

Jen said...

No way! You did that huh? I see girls doing it all the time at the mall and wondered if it is really worth it or not. Is it expensive? Hmm... I never would have considered it--EVER--but after hearing your view on it..I might just do it sometime. (when no one is watching! he he)

Sheri said...

It is NOT expensive, Jen. I think it was $15 maybe. AND...a new patient told me today how fabulous my eyebrows looked. I said, "Thank YOU!"
She said she was only half listening to me when I was speaking to her b/c she was so distracted by my fabulous brows! I think that's a little crazy - how good can brows really be, but she too is now considering the Threading.....Go For It!

Teresa said...

Hi Sheri...I'm a friend of Kuckie's and I think I might get to meet you this weekend while we are visiting!! I'm excited. I've read your blog in the past but never commented and I'm not sure why. I haven't blogged much lately b/c things have been so busy.

But anyway, just reading that your client was so enamored with your new brows made me want to try it!! Thanks for sharing and for warning me of the pain! LOL

See you in a few days!!