Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chocolate Mousse or Sugar Sand?

So, the carpet guy came by yesterday to measure for new carpet and he left some samples for me to look over – great! I thought my days of tedious decision making was done for awhile when I had finished painting all the rooms upstairs. Trying to choose the right paint color was a long and expensive process and I was excited to be done with goofy decisions like that. But now, I’ve got a hundred different shades of beige carpet samples to choose between. How do I do that?

Do I walk on Frosted Stone or Golden Wheat? Do I sit on Bamboo or Sugar Sand –ooh, sugar….! And after a long day, do I lie down and stretch out over Sandstone or Chocolate Mousse? Duh! Chocolate mousse – always chocolate mousse! You laugh, but I can seriously be swayed by the names of things. Right now, I sleep a little better at night knowing that according to Sherwin Williams, I’m sleeping under the Tibetan Sky. Imagine waking up in the morning, getting out of bed, and stepping into chocolate mousse – cool, huh? Mondays wouldn’t be so bad if they started out all chocolately!

Of course, I wouldn’t purchase a carpet color on name alone, but when it came down to the final four, I know myself well enough to know that I would subconsciously talk myself out of Sandstone and vote for Chocolate Mousse. It’s just the way my mind works.

Case in point: I know in my heart of hearts, I just purchased the Canon Rebel over the Nikon D70 because I like to say, “I'm taking pictures with my Rebel”, which sounds so much cooler than "my D70". Either camera would have been a sound investment and the differences between them are minor, so making the choice I did was OK, but I fear that someday this decision making process could get me in trouble.

I can paint over paint over paint over paint for a mere $150, but once this carpet is laid down, it’s as good as nailed to the floor as far as I’m concerned. So, I think I’m going to cover up the names on the swatches and try a better way to make a decision. I’m going to close my eyes and point!


M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

HA HA HA...that is so hilarous but I TOTALLY know what you mean!! Shoot yah---walking on chocolate. Sounds wonderful! I love it that your sleeping under the Tibetian sky (or however you spell that). And I REALLY Love that you chose the Rebel over the D70! that's hilarious but I am SO SO that way too!
I hate to admit it...but one thing that made me choose the husband I did is because I LOVED the idea of Jones being my last name! ha ha..but really..I had a reall weird, hard to pronounce maiden name so I wanted the most common last name possible..and I got it! Lucky for me...it came attached to a handsome, succesful, wonderful man!

Sheri said...

It's so good to know I'm not the only goofy one out there Mrs. Jones! Great minds think alike!