Monday, August 11, 2008

Omigosh! What Did He Do?

I grew up in a wonderfully small town with crazy curly hair. If I wasn’t attempting to cut and style my own mop of madness, it was the local beauty shop taking on the challenge. Every lady working at the salon assured me that curly hair was God’s gift to me and there was no changing it – I had thick curly hair and that was that!

After moving to the city, I met a new stylist who quickly shot holes through that theory. She too, felt that curly hair was a gift from heaven - mostly because she wanted curls herself - but unlike all the others, she proved time and time again that there were many different things I could do with my ‘gift‘. Five hairdressers and 25 different hairstyles later, I’m confident that I could’ve been a real member of the witness protection program these last fifteen years. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration. I don’t know that the changes were drastic enough to keep me safe from a mob hit, but you get the picture!

My current hair stylist owns a trendy salon with a solid reputation and usually gives me a great cut. When I went last week to get my hair cut, I went with plans to re-invent myself - maybe a great chop and bob – but I apparently didn’t make these plans clear to him, because things went horribly wrong. When he greeted me that morning, he seemed wide awake and alert. He appeared focused and ready to work, and I have no reason to think that I’ve upset him in any way….and yet, I hate my haircut!

I remember sitting in the chair as he did his best impression of Edward Scissorhands on my hair – flipping and thinning, flipping and thinning. He told me that a very talented stylist in California had taught him this technique and he had been practicing it for awhile. He reported that sadly, his first two tries were unsuccessful – very unfortunate for those poor ladies! He gave me the distinct impression that he had worked out all kinks with this technique and even considered himself quite the pro at it.

Yeah! Well the lady in MY mirror this morning was screaming a different story. My mirror said, “Omigosh, what did he do to your hair? Why does it look like that? What’s that flippy thing it’s doing – that looks stupid! You canNOT wear your hair that way! No, you can‘t! You have to wear a pony tail every day until he fixes that mess up there! You call him right now!”

Being the good man he is, he will fix it. Until then……..I’ll just have to rely on my personality to get by.

Note: Photoshop exaggerated my hair disaster a little bit, but you get the picture. (notice how the ‘big’ hair makes my chin look bigger…?)


M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

Wow, that is one craz picture up there! Ha ha...any relation to Jay Leno? hee hee
Good luck on getting your cut fixed!!

jenelle said...

MJ beat me too it. I was gonna say at least it makes you look famous like Jay Leno!!

Sorry for the trauma and good luck getting it fixed.

Sheri said...

Jay Leno was the first thing I thought of too! Great minds.....
Everything will be fixed by Thursday!