Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Must Choose Self Checkout!

I had to make a quick stop at the grocery store today for a few oddball items. When I had everything I needed, I headed to the check out. I’ve become a self-checker-outer over the years, so I rarely notice whether real, live, breathing cashiers are even open for business. I don’t know that I even look to see, but today as I walked by the human cashiers, I accidentally made eye contact with one of them – shoot – and she was very much, “open for business“. I’m telling you, she was begging me with her eyes to let her check me out. I felt terrible walking past her, as I made my way to the self check out. I'm certain she felt rejected – I’ve just chosen to do business with a computer screen instead of her smiling face. In choosing self check out, I’m essentially saying, “Even though I’ve never been trained to do this job, I feel confident that I can scan and bag these groceries better and faster than you can. Yes, I know you’re being paid to do this job, but I’m choosing the extra work for myself".

What‘s next? I’m gonna go to my mechanic’s garage, ask to use his lift, just so I can change my own oil? Or maybe, I’ll use the fancy swivel chair and scissors at the Salon to cut my own hair, while my stylist drinks his tea. Better yet, I’ll manipulate my own spine, right there in front of the chiropractor as he experiences a complete freak out – ‘cause he will!

In my defense, besides the health food stores, most grocery cashiers simply aren’t friendly. If you’re lucky enough to get a teenage person, you’ll actually get to experience what it’s like to feel invisible. At Whole Foods, they’re happy to converse with you while bagging your lettuce on top of everything, but back at the old grocery store, they chomp their gum and drop everything you purchased that day, smack dab on top of your five dollar fresh raspberries! Unacceptable!

I feel bad choosing technology over people, but I’ve experienced too much rejection over the years, and I just can’t put my produce at risk anymore. I must choose self-check-out!


Kuckie said...

You know I agree with you there!

What are you using the jelly for? Just curious...looks like something interesting could be on the horizon!!!

jenelle said...

So what you are you making for all of us?

by Sheri said...

Spicy Cranberry Meatballs...Not a real actual recipe, but a tweaked one - I'll let you know!

M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

And when you become a mom...self check outs are like total fun for the kids who get to ring you up!! my daughter thinks tha is the highlight of her day when she gets to run the self-check out! ha ha