Friday, August 22, 2008

Preparing For A Funeral

As it is so many times in life, death comes sooner than expected. We think if we plan well and take good care, everything will be alright. But sometimes, if we’re not paying close enough attention, sickness slowly settles in. So slowly, that by the time we notice that death is near, it’s too late to breathe new life into it.

Sadly, I am prepared to officially bury my garden tomorrow. It will be tilled under, way before it’s time. Tonight, as I took one last look at my wilting and shriveling plants, I thought of all the gardens around the world that are still alive, vibrant and producing award winning produce. Why couldn’t my vegetables thrive this year? Was it the year of the strawberry?

June-bearing strawberries made their yummy debut in my garden this spring and I took that as a sign that it was going to be a fruitful summer. It wasn’t. It seems that when fruit entered my garden, the vegetables staged a boycott. I had no idea there would be a conflict. I always thought fruits and vegetable got along. I know they play well together in salads.

Anyway, I’m gonna make the trip to Lowe’s tomorrow to pick up the refuse bags that will serve as the carrying coffin for the deceased vegetables. I’ll walk them to the curb and wait for the big red truck to come and take them away. They’ll enter the recycling world, where they can be reincarnated into something different for next season. Maybe as vegetables, they missed their calling and next year they’ll thrive better as mulch.

Wouldn’t it be wild if they came back to my garden next year as mulch? Unless they plan to come back to suffocate the strawberries – that would be bad! Maybe they should just move on and I’ll do the same.

I tried to post a final picture of the garden, but Blogger apparently thought it was too bleak to post, because it refused to upload it. Maybe it's for the best. A person could wilt just looking at it.

Instead of dwelling on what wasn't this year, I choose to remember all the years before, when it wore big green leaves and produced juicy red tomatoes. I'm looking ahead to next year and dreaming of all the possibilities!


M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

Okay, until I got to the 2nd paragraph..I was feeling really sad for you. Gosh..who's dying? But then I realized it was your GARDEN! ha ha...and I don't feel too much sympathy because my own garden passed away SEVERAL weeks ago! Poor, pitiful tomato plants. I think we may have gotten 5 succesful tomatoes this year...compared to last years 5 per plant per day!
Like you, I hope for MUCH better luck next year!

Miss Got Wings said...

I had big anticipations for my garden as well. Especially the assorted color bell pappers b/c they're so expensive to but in the store. Sadly, only my cilantro is still producing. Better luck next year!

KC said...

You are hilarious! I especially loved the comment about blogger thinking the photo was to bleak and wouldn't let you upload it! LOL!!! I'm still giggling!

Sheri said...

Better luck to all of us next year!!!