Thursday, August 14, 2008

A True Dancing Queen

I recently watched the classic movie, “My Fair Lady” with my seven and nine year old nieces. It had been twenty years since I had seen it and all I remembered about it was Audrey Hepburn talked really funny and there was some romance in it. I had forgotten that it was over three hours long and they sang nearly every scene – fifty songs! Even though it’s rated “G”, it’s not much of a child’s movie, but the girls hung in there really well. They said they liked it, even though I doubt they’ll beg to watch it again and again like they do “Enchanted“.

I was commenting about the movie to a patient of mine who happened to be a teacher. I spoke of how terribly simplistic the story line was and how the character development was minimal. He explained that when movies of that time were made, most people did not own a television, but everybody had a radio. Music was what it was all about. They made movies in an attempt to sell records. Basically, “My Fair Lady” was just a simple story set around a bunch of music videos. According to this teacher, all musicals and most movies were made to sell records, unlike the movies of today.

But last night, my sister-in-law proved him wrong. I met her at the theatre to watch the film, Mama Mia, because my brother wasn’t interested in seeing it– shocker! The movie was great! It was a little unnatural seeing Pierce Brosnan sing, but he looked good. Through it all, we laughed and Renee’ cried. It was the kind of movie that made you realize that you wanted to have a lot more fun in your life – like when you were twenty! Two thumbs up for fun!

After going our separate ways, I drove home with all my windows down, despite the spitting rain, and beep bopped to the loud music like an inspired dancing queen. ABBA wasn’t playing on the radio, so I had to make due with what they were playing at the time – no problem!

When I arrived home, there was a message on my voicemail from Renee’ telling me that she had gone straight to Barnes and Nobles and purchased the Mama Mia soundtrack because she was just so excited! She felt inspired to buy it! In fact, it was playing in her car as she was calling me. She was going to sing along to the music all the way home, like a true dancing queen!

I don’t know. It sure sounds like somebody sold a record because of a movie to me! Mama Mia!


jenelle said...

My Fair Lady is one of my all time favorites. I love when she slips into street talk at the races and that she never loses who she really is even though her life has dramatically changed. Got to love a woman with a love of chocolate.

Sheri said...

You're right Jenelle - that was a great part in the film - the girls definitely laughed at that one!

M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

I can't wait to see Mama Mia! I've been wanting to see it...but can't get hubby to go. We ARE going to see House Bunny I'm crossing my fingers that it'll be decent. I LOVE that carefree feeling..when you feel almost like butterflies in your stomach for no real reason and you let the windows down and your hair blow and sing as loud as you can! Nothin beats it!