Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Magic Moments

Magic moments come in the most unexpected places, don’t they? I had a patient today that I wasn’t entirely thrilled to see, because I never know how to take her. Sometimes she requires a lot of my energy, but not today. Out of nowhere, she started discussing photography of all things. After the shut-out I experienced yesterday with photo classes, here she is in my office, spouting off loads of useful information in regards to classes and opportunities. In the midst of listening to her and thinking how ironic this moment was, I heard her mention something about my husband. “WHAT? I don’t have a husband.”
Now it was her turn, “What?! I thought you were married!”
“Nope. Not yet, but soon.” Turns out, all this time she assumed I was married, but now that she knows the truth, “I’ve got a man for you! He’s the vice-principal at our school and you should meet him.” My interest peaked for two reasons:

One – She used the word, nice, to describe him ONLY after she already used 5 or 6 other adjectives; such as well rounded, handsome, liked by kids and adults alike, creative, cultured, and tall. I have a weird issue with the word “nice” ever since I heard a priest give the most enlightening sermon on the word. It’s such a lame word that feels so generic. When people try to set me up with a man and all they got is “He’s nice” I want to say, “Heck, throw in a pulse and a full head of hair, and you got yourself a deal!”

Two – his last name following my first name sounds like a circus performer – how fun is that?! It sounds something like, Gracie Gooey, or Shirley Shooey – what a hoot! Whatever comes of the VP, my conversation with “Betty Sue” was a reminder that surprises are everywhere, and you never know who will perk up your day. Thanks Betty Sue!

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