Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Meet George

Since I don’t have much to say today, I thought I would let George introduce himself.

Hello everyone. My name is George and I’ve lived with Sheri for over a year now. As you’ve probably already noticed, she’s a little goofy, but she’s all I got. She treats me well and hugs me daily, which is nice. She lets me run around upstairs from room to room for exercise, but rarely lets me in her bedroom ever since I chewed up her curtains really good. She also gets frustrated when I hide under the bed and she can’t reach me. One time, she jumped on the bed from corner to corner like an idiot thinking the subtle up and down movement of the bed would chase me out into the open, but the joke was on her – as usual. I spend most of my afternoons napping and the evenings are usually reserved for exploring. She feeds me well and I’ve never gone more than 2-3 days without water before she realizes that I’m dry. It’s OK. Since I can’t bark or squeal, like a normal animal, I just try to give her a special look that says, “I’m dying over here!” and she usually catches on. She definitely has a hard time reading my moods. She tells people that I wear the same expression on my face all the time, but that’s simply not true – she just doesn’t see the subtle changes. One morning she greeted me with, “You look happy today, George. What are you so happy about?” And I’m like, “Happy?! Are you even looking at my face? I am clearly having a bout with depression today.” But she just smiles at me like a buffoon as if everything is honky dorry. Then on the days that I’m feeling a little zippy and spry, she’s like, “What’s wrong Georgie – is somebody grumpy today?” And I’m like, “Lady, you ARE crrrrrrazy!”

But she loves me so I put up with her.

Most of the time I feel safe and protected with Sheri. However, there was that one time in the summer, when I was outside in my play prison and a huge groundhog came up and peered in and scared the sh#@ out of me. I really thought that ugly thing was going to eat me – fur and all. Just as my life was flashing before me, a sexy little squirrel came bouncing out of nowhere, did a little dance, caught the hog's eye and boom – he was off and running! And then one time, one of her nieces that has the biggest brown eyes I’ve ever seen on a child, was trying to get me to eat a carrot. Apparently she thinks we chew with our nose ’cause that’s the hole she was shoving it in. Luckily, little Rosie doesn’t live with Aunt Sheri!

I hear Sheri talking about getting a dog and I’m not really keen on that idea. I’m really hoping it’s all talk…….


Deetra said...

Sherri- Welcome to blogging! It's about time. I love your blog. George is a cutie.

M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

That's so cute..and he is ADORABLE!!! Funny post. I can just imagine you bouncing on the corner of the bed! ha ha

Kuckie said...

Who doesn't love George? Now if he'd just quit chewing on your drapes!!