Friday, July 25, 2008

What Am I Watching For?

So, I had a talk with God last night. I know it’s best to let God do the talking, but sometimes I just feel the need to have my say. I like to let God know what I think of what’s been happening in my life and where I would like my life to go. So, I mentally pulled out the big outline of my life and did a check list – marking off the things that have happened and making note of the things that I would still like to have happen and of course, when these great things will happen. Every once in awhile, I like to check on the status of the order I placed for my husband. We all know how some things can get lost and delivery can be delayed. I’ve suggested a tracking system – like UPS uses – but God says that He knows exactly where he is and he’ll show up when the time is right. Ohhhkay.

BUT, if I don’t know when he’s coming, then how do I know I won’t miss him. Seriously, I’ve been given zero details on the guy. I don’t know if he’s tall or freckled or missing two of his toes. Is he Russian or Australian, or God forbid, Canadian? Is he a Buddha Boy, because that would certainly make life interesting for the Catholic girl in me? What kind of party is God planning for me? Is he sending me a clone of myself to keep life calm and serene, or is he going to rock my world with a man who challenges me everyday?

I know that whoever he is, he’s gonna love me. He’ll be my best friend, who makes me laugh more than anyone. I know he’ll get my sense of humor and think I’m really cool. I know he’ll appreciate all the qualities in me that make me who I am and treat me with great respect. I know we will have lots and lots of fun together. These things I know, because everybody deserves love like that. It’s the way God intended it. But, what package is this love coming in? Is he a good dresser – because I barely like to shop for myself – I can’t be his personal stylist. Does he like to mow the lawn, because I would love to give that job away!

I guess I just have a few questions and the older I get, the more questions I have. Is he a plumber? Because I’m constantly having problems with my toilets and that would really be convenient! Orrrrr, a millionaire – then we could just have a plumber on staff! See, I got ideas. I just don’t know if God and I are on the same page. I must say that I’m very intrigued and I look forward to meeting this prince. (You never know – he could be a real prince!) Either way, I’m choosing to keep an open mind and trust God with this decision.

I just want to say that had I known it would take this long to make the “perfect” man, I wouldn’t have ordered one!


Claire said...

Just so you know - I did marry a Canadian - and once, near election time, my daughters were in the back seat talking about why Daddy couldn't vote - and one said to the other, "Oh it's because he's a comedian!" - they didn't know how close they were to the truth!! and this morning while I was putting on my freshly washed jeans and was squatting down in them to stretch them out - I thought of you and almost fell over laughing!!Thanks again!

by Sheri said...

Hi Claire,
Tight clothes does seem to be a universal problem.....
One of my best friends is Canadian and she always says my husband lives there - who knows?
I'm glad you laughed today!

M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

Wow, I didn't know you weren't married...but then I know very little about you. Anyway, you have the right mind set. God knows who and He knows when. Ps. Sometimes it's in the least likely package, that you find the best diamond!