Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm Taking Charge!

Early this spring, I decided that even though I’m strong enough and young enough to mow my football-field sized yard with a simple push mower and my calf muscles, I would gladly accept the gift from a friend in the form of his used self propelled mower. I saw no reason to drop $400 on a piece of yard equipment if a friend is offering his up for free.
Can I just tell you that mowing with a self propelled mower has been the greatest joy of my summer? (Yea, my summer’s been a real party!) Even though I decided to join the ranks of other lazy lawnmowers, I still kept my old Lawn Machine mower in the garage, just in case this LawnBoy got upset that I decided he didn’t need a $100 tune-up after sitting dormant in a garage for 2 years, and quit working for me.
Well today was the day. Mr. LawnBoy showed no signs of life as I attempted to start him. Sure, he sputtered a bit, but it was pathetic, really. I pulled and pulled that cord with near zero response. I walked away. I pulled a few weeds, took a deep breath, and walked right back up to Mr. LawnBoy. After many more attempts to start his engine, I came up with a new plan. That’s right, I rolled out the old Lawn Machine hoping to challenge Mr. LawnBoy. Well, the joke was on me, because the Lawn Machine decided he wasn’t working on a Saturday either.
So here I am, Miss strong and independent woman, standing in my driveway, working over two dirty, beat-up, sluggish lawnmowers. At one point, I got on my knees and really checked things out. When I say checked things out, I mean wiping away oily grass that had collected over the summer, wiggling wires and plugs, turning it on it’s side – all the things you do when you have no idea how a machine operates. All I know, is that I’m supposed to pump that little bubble three times and then pull the cord. So, as I pull the cord on one mower, then the other, and then the other, I start to wonder if they would work better if I washed and waxed them like most men in the neighborhood – you know the ones I‘m talking about– they mow their lawn every four days in that fancy checkered pattern. I really hope that’s not it, ‘cause I’m not doing it.
I took a deep breath, pulled the cord on the old Lawn Machine and Vrooom...We Have A Winner! I walked away from Mr. LawnBoy in disgust as Lawn Machine and I made our way to the backyard. After I mowed the back, I went inside for a water break. When I walked back outside and stood before Mr. LawnBoy, I decided to give him a chance to redeem himself. I gave the rope one good tug and Vroooom….We are back in business!

I am woman – hear me roar!

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